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Tobin Music Trust

The Tobin Music Trust was established in September 2005. It consists of a group of non-paid trustees with the brief to preserve, protect and promote the future of the Tobin Music System.
Aims of the Tobin Music Trust:
  • to promote musical literacy, worldwide, with no age barriers.
  • to preserve, promote, develop and enhance the Tobin system of music education
  • to promote the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well being of people through the development of musical ability
  • to combat social exclusion through the promotion of group community based music making

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Registration Information

Name: Tobin Music Trust Ltd.
Registered Number: 05505189
Registered Office: First Floor, 30 London Road,
Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 9JS
Company Secretary: Frank Dongworth, email address
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