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May 2007


An introduction to the Tobin System of Music Education

Friday 15th June 2007 11.30 am
Trinity College London
, Westminster/Victoria Room
89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP.

The prestigious Trinity College London is launching this exceptionally well produced DVD showing the Tobin Music System (TMS) at work. Children of Bird's Bush Primary School, Tamworth, are shown learning how to compose and play music in a dynamic and rewarding way. The head teacher explains how children's musical confidence and skills spill over into maths and English literacy, raising the overall education level of the school. This is because the TMS uses visual, aural and kinasthetic techniques to help children of all learning styles.

Music experts from Trinity College and the BBC describe the theory of the revolutionary TMS and how it works. Using the TMS, all children could be musically literate by the age of 8.

Speakers will be Julian Amey, Chief Executive, and Mark Stringer, Director of Music & Performing Arts (both of Trinity College London), and Candida Tobin. Candida developed and perfected the revolutionary TMS over 50 years. To learn more about the philosophy of the system and to download the DVD, visit

World renowned percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie says:

"There is no doubt as to the impact that the Tobin System has on not only the children, which is indeed profound, but on the teachers too. The simplicity of the tools required is great as obviously the financial aspect of music education and support is at an all time low. I'm a great supporter of engaging all senses in learning anything and I know the Tobin System would benefit not only the young but late beginners (adults) and those with various physical and mental challenges."

Disabled access available. Please phone Trinity College London 020 782 06104.
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