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Piano Books

Guidelines for the Wizard's Way Piano Books

This book gives all the information needed for teaching this method, so that both parents and teachers can help the student.

Plastic ring, A4, 38 pages, single colour
ISBN 0-905684-33-8

Wizard's Way Piano Book 1

An easy to follow first tutor book whereby colours are used to match the keys to those of the printed notes. By colouring the notes, the children have to consider the pitch of each note, its length and the harmony to which it belongs. By using colours the children become familiar with the whole keyboard, not just the notes surrounding middle C. There are illustrated stickers included.

Suitable for all ages - beginners
Plastic ring, A4, 48 pages, single colour.
ISBN 0-905684-32-X

Wizard's Way Piano Book 2

This book naturally follows Book 1, but the children are taken through simple harmonic progressions where they learn how to manipulate chords, developing their keyboard harmony abilities, and using various keys, both major and minor. By keeping to a few chords for each new piece, the young pianist is soon able to play with considerable dexterity. They will also understand other points of harmony, such as modulation and passing notes.

Suitable for all ages - beginners
Plastic ring, A4, 54 pages, single colour
ISBN 0-905684-34-6
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