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We plan to have lots of interactive games and activities for you, But, in the meantime, you can send in your drawings and compositions, and we will feature them here.

Composition of the Month

You can also tell us about your musical achievements and be featured as our Outstanding Pupil here, and also in our monthly newsletter - which is read by over 200 people!
Were you taught music using the Tobin Music System?

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Outstanding Pupil

Aphra is 15 years old and has been a student of the Tobin Music System since the age of 4 (as have 3 siblings), and also she has been a piano student since the age of 5.

Candida's teaching in musicianship enabled Aphra to extend her playing to the clarinet and bassoon. With these instruments, she participates in various county groups such as the Hertfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra. She is very active at school as a student leader in music.

She has achieved grade 8 clarinet (distinction), grade 8 bassoon, grade 7 piano, and grade 5 recorder.
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