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Large Wax Crayons

A set of 7 coloured large fat wax crayons. These help small children to write freely when colouring worksheets.

Available as a single set, or as a large box.

set: 0.99
box: 4.50

Rhythm Shapes

Rhythm shapes are used in many activities to help children learn the relationship between the lengths of different notes. These shapes are pre cut to the correct size to allow them to be overlaid on worksheets provided in the childrens work books.


Rhythm Cards

These cards can also be used to play many musical games and allow the children to experiment with different musical concepts themselves. The cards are big enough to be held up by the child, so that the teacher knows that the children are using the right cards at the right time.


Team Bands

Team bands are worn by the children, and can be used for many movement games where they each play the part of one of the coloured notes. There are many games where children learn through movement to construct chords, find the relative minor, and practice other musical concepts in their teams.


Chalks (set)

A pack of chalks in each of the 7 colours of the tobin system, vital for any teacher working on a blackboard to clarify many musical concepts in an interactive way with the children.


Wizards Way Badges

Young children love these badges, and they often wear them with pride at the thought of belonging to a club.

Suitable for infant/junior.

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