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Tobin Music Professional Training

Certain criteria must be met in each level of training to become an Accredited Tobin Music Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Lecturer or General Member. The current Tobin Accreditation Register is always published on this website. One of the criteria is that all Accredited members must have a certificate to prove they have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

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Professional Training Levels

There are 3 levels of professional training in the Tobin Music System. Each level requires the study of a certain amount of modules, passing exam/s to graduate and attending 'refresher'classes to stay on our register of Accredited teachers.

Associate Level - covers the fundamental music theory subjects of the TMS. It consists of Five Modules covering 6-7 subjects in each module. Each Module is a two-day course. Courses are charged at 80 per day of tuition.

Licentiate Level - covers more specialised subjects. Here there are 6 Modules to choose from with a minimum requirement of taking two Modules and passing the relevant exam to qualify at Licentiate Level. Modules: Piano, Classical Guitar, Recorder, Composition, Secondary School and Lecturer.

Each Module is a one or two-day course.
NB: You must already be a qualified (Diploma standard) piano or guitar teacher to teach Tobin Guitar or Piano.

Fellow Level - brings areas of expertise for the Teacher, the Teacher Trainer and the Lecture.

Training Prospectus

The training prospectus describes the whole accreditation program in more detail than is possible on this web page, please download and read the prospectus to find out the content of each of the modules, and the format and requirements of the examinations.

[Download Prospectus]

Scheme of Work

Here is a summary of the areas that will be studied on each module of the Associate course.


  1. Shorthand
  2. Family of notes
  3. Permutations of the whole note
  4. Eleven lines
  5. 7 alphabetically named notes
  6. Pitch colours
  7. Coloured notes across the great stave
  8. Ear training
  9. Tobin resources guidance


  1. Shorthand grids
  2. Time signatures and rests
  3. Writing notes on the stave
  4. Scale in the round, chords and harmonisation
  5. Manipulating chords
  6. Simple composition
  7. Sharps and flags, all keys and key signatures
  8. Beginner recorder
  9. Notation ruler
  10. Tones and semitones


  1. Using Wizard's Way Recorder book 1
  2. Tetrachords
  3. The major scale
  4. Finding chords on the ruler
  5. Chord flags
  6. Continuation of composition
  7. Relative minor chords
  8. 16th notes and more shorthand


  1. Wizard's Way Recorder book 2
  2. Note lengths and compound time
  3. Major and minor scales
  4. Continuation of composition
  5. Exam preparation
  6. Associate Exam Guidance


  1. Colour Piping recorder books
  2. Harmony and the minor key
  3. Composition - modulation
  4. Combining length of notes and pitch
  5. Revision and questions
  6. Associate Exam Presentations
  7. Explanation of Licentiate level training
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