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Tobin Teachers

This exciting, multisensory approach for teaching children of all ages offers the teacher an opportunity to see swift progress and the attainment of music literacy in young pupils.

There are a variety of tailored courses for teachers interested in using the TMS. For an overview, the General Musicianship and Simple Composition Course is designed for those who want to know and be able to teach the rudiments of music. Further courses are specific to the Recorder, Piano and Guitar. The Tobin Music System also offers teachers the exciting opportunity of gaining Accredited qualifications at Associate, Licentiate and Fellow Levels.

The Tobin Community of Teachers Association (TCTA)

The TCTA is being developed to give support to all who wish to study the TMS. Web pages, chat forums, discussions, articles and many more ideas will be developed to help members feel part of a Community where they can network and help each other out with questions etc.

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