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The Parters group was formed to give supporters of the Tobin Music System the opportunity to help publicise the system, so that more children have access to this method of learning music.

Our national coordinators are Morrice and Christine Wells. They decided to become involved after reading Candida's autobiography, Lifting the Lid.

"Having read the autobiography, it would be hard not to feel that you want to offer your services in some way, and with a background in the caring professions, Chris and I thought about how we could help put the system in front of those in a position to provide children with this remarkable product."
Morrice Wells, 2007

Become a Partner

You can be an active member of the Partners Group by giving your time, sharing your skills or participating in our regular Partners' meetings.

Alternatively, it is possible to register your interest and contribute nothing but goodwill. To join (for free), please fill in the following form. We will then add you to our database and send you our monthly Newsletter, as well as any other information of interest to Partners.


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